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Best WordPress Block Themes

17 Best Block Themes for WordPress in 2023

Enter the world of WordPress block themes, otherwise referred to as Full Site Editing themes — a revolutionary approach that allows for flexibility and customization like never before. Whether you’re a beginner blogger or an online shop, the right theme can greatly improve your site’s attractiveness and user experience. We […]

best wordpress video themes

15 Best WordPress Video Themes for 2023

If you’re a video producer or vlogger looking to set up your video website to showcase your video content, you’ll most likely need one that reflects your unique style. We’ll share our handpicked selection of the best WordPress video themes, and then go over some important factors to keep in […]

WordPress Security

Secure Your WordPress Site: Best Practices for Optimal Safety

Whether you want to secure WordPress for personal use or if you own or manage a WordPress website for a business, there is a lot for you to keep in mind. WordPress security is of utmost importance.  While it is well-known for its reliability and usability, WordPress also holds a […]

Secure WordPress Login Page

How to Secure Your WordPress Login Page: Best Practices

Assessing your website’s level of security needs to start at the most obvious entry point: your login page. Having a secure WordPress login page is essential to prevent security breaches. Poor login security can have a huge impact on how protected your data is and what level of safety you […]

Stop WordPress Spam Comments

Stop WordPress Spam Comments: Comprehensive Strategies for a Clean Blog

With a total of 487 billion spam messages being spread throughout WordPress websites every month, it’s easy to understand why fighting off spam comments is a real battle for site owners. Learning how to stop WordPress spam comments and prevent their negative effects can have a hugely positive effect on […]

WordPress Two-Factor Authentication

WordPress Two-Factor Authentication: Your Ultimate Guide

Learning why and how to set up WordPress two-factor authentication is an important part of keeping your website secure. Cybersecurity is of utmost importance these days, with so much sensitive data being sent back and forth in the digital environment. While thinking about all the possible risks can make things […]